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paracord christian survival bracelet

Christian Survival Bracelet

We have created this beautiful Christian Survival Bracelet.  This bracelet is made with paracord.  The strength of the bracelet comes from the inside.  There are 7 individual pieces of cord inside the bracelet that provide the strength to the survival bracelet.  The number 7 is very significant in the bible. For instance, the Seven Days of Genesis to the Seven Seals of Revelation.  Our strength comes from inside us as well.  That is where the holy spirit has imbued us with the armor of faith.

2 Samuel 22:29
You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.

The white cross coming out of the dark bracelet is symbolic of this passage.

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Exact Wrist Size

small 6-6 1/2", medium 6 3/4- 7 1/4", large 7 1/2- 8", Ginormous King Kong size 8-8 1/2+"